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Construction Hours 
7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday to Friday
Trucks and workers arrive earlier.
Work begins at 7:00 and typically ends approximately 3:00 but can extend unit 5:00

Construction Updates/Schedule

8/21/23 – Mobilization started (Installed signs for detour, fencing, delivered job trailer)

9/5/23 – Closed Cypher Street

9/5/23 – 9/22/23 – Site preparation (No soil excavation - equipment delivery, material delivery, prepare TSCA decontamination area, establish dust program in parks, test soil in parks, clear/ grub and other non-excavation activities)

9/20/23 –  Start D to E Street roadway installation (including excavation – Non-TSCA)

9/25/23 –  Start TSCA roadway installation (excavation North side of Cypher Street)

12/01/2023 –  Base and Intermediate Paving of Cypher St TSCA Area

Dec - June 2024 --- Construct Cypher Street Sidewalks an Associated Facilities

April 2024 --- Start work on Fargo Street

6/28/2024 --- Cypher Street re-opens to Traffic

July 2024 – Start work Richards Street, South Boston Bypass

Nov 2024 – Complete Richard St, South Boston Bypass & Fargo Streets

Spring 2025 – Final Paving / Line Striping

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